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A dog's nail injury is particularly painful for our canine friends, and you should consult your veterinarian or take your pooch to the nearby animal hospital, as soon as possible. However, there are ways to treat your dog’s nail injury that will decrease discomfort while you wait for veterinarian help (depending on the degree of seriousness of the injury). Any injury that draws blood is classified as potentially dangerous because of the risk of infection.

6 Ways to alleviate discomfort following a Dog's Nail Injury

 1. Stop the Bleeding

Removing the nail may cause your dog’s toe to bleed, especially if the breakage occurred at the base of the nail. Make sure you have the pet emergency kit out: By applying a styptic pencil or powder to the wound it will stop the bleeding almost immediately, because of the cauterizing agent that seals the wound.

If you don’t have the styptic pencil or powder, apply some normal flour or cornstarch to the wound and compress with a towel for a few minutes until the bleeding stops.

 2.Clean the Wound

Disinfect and clean the toe to prevent infection, once the nail is removed:

Bathe your pooch’s paw in warm water, to remove all traces of dirt and debris. Spray your dog’s toe with a pet antiseptic; By disinfecting the area, it will also relieve any discomfort from the open wound. If the wound bleeds again, apply more pressure or use a styptic pencil or powder. 

3. Bandage the Paw

Dogs are reluctant to have their paws bandaged, so this can be a tricky procedure. You can wrap the paw in a loose-fitting bandage, using first aid tape to hold in place, but another method is to place a clean sock on the paw and tape it into place.

As the dog will want pulls the bandage or sock off, you'll have to use a plastic cone collar (E collar) around his neck for a few days until the wound heals. 

4.Change the Bandage:

Change the dressing or sock every day to keep the wound clean and assess the state of the healing process.

5.Check the paw for the following signs of infection:

  • Swelling of the toe

  • An oozing pus discharge

  • Bleeding that may or may not be mixed with pus

If you see signs of infection, take your dog to the vet immediately. He will most likely prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection. If the nail injury is healing as it should, place a new bandage or sock on the paw. If your dog is wearing an E-collar, after two or three days, the wound should be healed to a degree that your dog will not lick it and the E collar can be removed.

 (Make sure to follow your vet’s instructions — exactly.)

 dog nail injury

  1. Treating a Broken Dew Claw on a Dog

Broken dew claw treatment varies slightly, as your vet may recommend removal of both of the dew claws completely if injury occurs to one.

This is a common procedure performed by vets on several different breeds of dogs. After healing, your dog will be able to run and walk just as before.

These 6 steps of taking care of your dog’s nail injury will ease the pain and allow for steady recovery.

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