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Dog nail trimming should be done regularly if your dog is not very physically active – anywhere from about once a week to once a month is sufficient.

Nail trimming and grooming are necessary tasks that are often dreaded by both dogs and owners. The best way to calm your anxieties is to ask your Vet to instruct you in the proper procedures to be followed once you embark on trimming your dog’s nail. The best way to calm your dog’s uneasiness is to train it from when it is still a puppy to be comfortable with the exercise.

If you feel uneasy about trimming your dog’s nails, your vet or groomer will be more than glad to do so regularly. More often than not, dogs do not need their nails trimmed if they go for walks often on stone footpaths or concrete. Make sure you keep an eye on those dew claws (thumbs).


Types of Nail Trimmers

There are many distinct varieties of dog nail trimmers. Be careful and invest in a good quality pair of trimmers that are sharp and specifically designed for your dog’s size. They should be curved at the cutting edge so as to avoid damaging the nail. Trimmers that are not sharp or that are of poor quality will crack the nail. If the nails are not long but are quite sharp, then all you need to do is to file simply them or utilize a pumice stone to remove the tips.

How to Trim the Nails

1. Get some treats ready is step number

2. Make the whole process positive and upbeat. Don’t try to be the hero and attack all nails at once. Rather start with one, then give a reward and later come back later and continue where you left off.

3. This is if you or your pet is anxious. One trick of the trade is to grasp the handle of the trimmer flat against the toe pad and cut straight across the nail so that the nail just rests above the ground. This technique makes it extremely unlikely you will cut the nails too short.

4. To get a shorter cut than the previous method, aim to cut at a 45° angle, after visualizing the quick. The quick is the pink area within the nail where the nerves and blood vessels are, similar to the area underneath our nails.

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